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Everybody and his cousin is sending me notices about the studies for RA. I know all about it. However, I'm tired of wasting my time answering all those questions for nothing. I've been screen seven or eight times for this study only for LMC to do something to cause me to not to get into it. The last time, I was supposed to have be sent the release form for my medical records. I never got it, even though they were supposed to send it immediately via email. The next time they contacted me about the study, I told them about that, and I was  connected to headquarter,. They said they would send it right out. I never got it. Until somebody does something about LMC, I am not going to keep wasting my time trying to sign up for these studies. Only for them to step in and prevent my getting in. It's been over 50 studies that I've tried to enroll in and I've never gotten in one. I am really tired of this.


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