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I don't know when I will be getting my voice back!
It's Friday the 13th which may explain some of my issues. That, and Murphy's Law.

I just read an article that said I am probably going to be feelinfg this way for months. I am really tired again. I'm also having chest pain and shortness of breath again.

I was up all night for one thing. I came in last night at about 6 something. I got in the bed and ate the soup I had bought. The guy brough the coffee and the burger. I ate the burger, but could not drink the coffee again. Soon after the souptruck arrived. They had spaghetti and meatballs. I got one and a cup of Kool-aid. I soon after fell asleep while listening to the radio. However, I was awaken at about 11:15 pm and I stayed up after that. I could not get back to sleep. I kept coughing up sputum. I also had to deal with other effects from the pneumonia. I wanted to go out but didn't.

I still wasn't asleep by time rush hour started. I finally fell asleep after daylight, but I don't know when. I was up again by 11 am, and I've been up ever since. I thought I would not be able to go out, but I did after a while. I thought about going back when I got to Van Buren. It was colder than I thought it would be. I've cancelled most of the trips I had planned. I also tried to call the clinic and ask for a refill of medication. I did, but I do not think they heard it. My voice is still hoarse and no matter how loud I want to speak, my voice doesn't seem to get louder.

Some of my items came today, but I don't want to get them until they are all there. I hope that will be next week.
I'm still going to try to get to the law library to see if I can do anything on my Reply, which is due by February 2, 2017.

Although it seemed that the hearing yesterday with the Defendant's attorney earlier than usual so I would miss it, I don't know why. I eventually saw the judge and I got a copy of the order from the woman. I am not sure what the problem is. My reply is not due until the second of February, the defendant's respond and then there is a status a few days later. I don't know why Davey wouldn't want me there for that. It doesn't seem to be that big of a deal.


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